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Chrysler's late model Hemi electronic fuel injected engines are the perfect platform for nitrous injection upgrades. The ZEX Charger/Magnum Nitrous System includes all of the parts needed to add anywhere from 75 to 125 more horsepower to your Hemi engine with factory fuel injection system. The ZEX Charger/Magnum Nitrous System comes pre-assembled, making for a simple plug and play installation (two hours from start to finish).

Safely adds 75 - 125 horsepower to any 2005 and newer EFI Hemi-powered Charger and Magnum

Electronic TPS switch activates the nitrous system only at wide open throttle

Includes everything needed for an easy, plug and play, 2 hour installation

Utilizes ZEX Active Fuel Control to adjust the nitrous fuel enrichment settings along with variations in bottle pressure.

Delivery Style: Direct port/Intake manifold
Nitrous System Style: Wet
Maximum Advertised Horsepower Increase: 125
Activation: TPS
Jet Sizes Included (hp): 75, 100, 125
Dual Stage: No
Bottle Included: Yes
Nitrous Bottle Capacity: 10 lbs.
Bottle Material: Aluminum
Bottle Color: Purple
Bottle Brackets Included: Yes
Bottle Bracket Material: Steel

This package includes the Zex Racer's Package -
Kit includes all the accessories needed to optimize the performance of your nitrous system -
Purge kit (#82010)
Bottle pressure gauge (#82005)
Bottle heater (#82006)
Safety blow down kit (#82099)

Click here to order!
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