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Yup... just dropping in...

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Yeah so just thought I'd drop in, and see whats going on here in Hawaii. I don't recognize most of the names anymore but I'm missin the island and cruisin around just thought I'd jump in and see whats going on. I'll be back sometime, do not get stationed at Fort Knox Lol horrible place!:biggrinjester:
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What is up, brother. After I got out of the Marines, I had to come back here and live. I know how you feel. The weather, local girls (I married one) and the car is always clean and ready to roll......take care, Andy.:bigthumb:
Hey buddy hope all is well. Just try and make the most of it. The island is not going anywhere you can come back when the time is right.

I bet your ride turns a lot of heads over there too.

All the best.
whoa what happen to the hawaii peeps!
we all seem to be MIA.....
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