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Your thoughts on LED head lights

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There's been a lot of conversation about this around here lately and I'm curious what your opinion is on using LED for headlights.

Are the lumen ratings high enough for DOT approval?

Looking at your website your highest quality LED H11 bulb (which is the right replacement for a 2014 SXT with halogen lamps) is 510 lumens and you specifically say it's not for use in head lamps. Fogs and DRL's only.

I'm probably answering my own question here but as your bulbs use a series of brighter, but smaller SMD's what about the bulbs with very bright, very large LED's on them such as this one?
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As far as the LED replacement bulbs go:

Nothing offered in today's markets is a suitable, and reliable solution. You'll still have better results with one of our HID conversion kits.

1. LED replacement headlights typically have a cooling fan mounted at the base of the bulb, this component is highly unreliable and will cause major heat issues

2. LED replacement headlights are being marketed very aggressively with false information. I've seen vendors claim up to 9000 lumens of output with these bulbs. That's completely unfeasible and unrealistic. For reference, a quality HID conversion kit will generate roughly 3200 lumens of actual output, which is more than enough to get the job done. These LED headlights typically produce less lumens than OEM halogens

3. The position of the actual LEDs pays no attention to the design of the actual headlight housing itself, thus greatly increasing the glare and providing a pretty awful output pattern. Housings are designing based on the position on the filament in the halogen bulb, quality HID bulbs arc position is placed very close to this position, which creates much less glare than most of your cheap HID conversion kits.

We are in the process of designing a new headlight replacement, but please avoid these LED replacement headlights. LEDs have come a long way, but these bulbs are not what the manufactures are claiming.

None of these LED headlight replacements are DOT compliant also. There's much more than lumen output to take into consideration when talking about DOT compliance, including glare, color etc.

Feel free to email us if you need any additional information: [email protected]

Thank you!

Nick C.
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Does your HID conversion kit include a lense to refocus the light?

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Our HID conversion kits do not include projector retrofit housings, but the arc is placed much closer to the halogen's filament compared to these LED housings.

Nick C.
Thanks for the speedy and honest response.

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Education is a huge part of our mission here at DD. I hope you all will consider us a lighting resource here to answer any questions or help troubleshoot. Even if you didn't purchase from us, we are here to help!

Nick C.
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