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WTT: My 20" flat black viper wheels for your stock srt charger wheels plus cash

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sup everyone! havent been on here for awhile! time for a change. anybody wanna trade? if ya got charger SRT wheels and want to upgrade to viper wheels we can do it! shoot me an offer and we can talk about how much cash you would need. hopefully looking for wheels with 06-07 tpms in them as I dont want to have to trade them out.
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Are these FACTORY Dodge Viper rims?

Dont know how much cash you were expecting, but my 2010 SRT8 wheels are like $1200 each at the dealership!! And I can get a set of four reproduction viper rims off ebay for $800 HERE.

sadly, there's no such thing as 20in OEM viper wheels that fit our cars :(

I'd be willing to trade but not for my wheels and cash, either way gl!:beer_yum:
they dont? then what size wheels does one need to buy? i see the vipers on everyones srt8 these days, and im curious
yeah they're all 20's and or 22's but not one of them is OEM, they're all reproductions. The only "OEM" viper rims you'll see are for the vipers or srt10 trucks
these are reproductions -_- (well, i guess "were" would be the better word since this thread is from april :lol:)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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