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Wsup Hawaii!

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Just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow LX'ers out here on the island. Dennis, 12 years USN, just got out last month and moved back here to Hawaii because my kids are all out here -- 4 to be exact. I've got a Linen Gold Pearl 2006 Chrysler 300C. Girlfriend's got a Cool Vanilla 2006 300 Touring.

It'll be nice to chill with LX'ers out here again like we use to do a few years back. See you all around the island!

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i think im gonna start doing the same thing..... since i work on the gates in schofield most of the time, i see lots of the lxs on post come through and i could maybe get some more people to show up.... if we can figure time and places for m&g then maybe we could get some stuff rolling....hit me up anti and maybe we can ge together and get the ball rolling since weare so close to each other
shoot when ever man ... im off today and tomorrow.....then im on thursday thru sun... but then im off from mon to thurs next week.... i know we are trying to meet up this weekend for the shin dig too.....
so where we meeting and what time? i get off of work at about 1430 and am home to shower and change and ready to roll by 1600..... let me know whats up
also thinkin of mybe startin a club... i thought of UMHcc... UNITED MOPARS of HAWAII... WHAT YOU GUYS THINK
yeah do somethin up for me .....and hey beam.... where are we meeting at before the m&g on saturday? if we had a meeting spot i can let people knw when they are coming through the gates
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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