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Finally had a chance to open up the R/T tonight on the freeway and let me say I was very impressed. I drive Corvettes everyday for work and this thing accelerated from 60-100 as fast as any Corvette i have driven but twice as smooth. Everytime I drive this car i'm more satisfied with my purchase.
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i am also waiting for the magical waking up of the beast....seriously, you can feel a difference as you put more mileage on the car...i am at 5500 miles and feel like i get more power out of her than when i first got her at 3 miles. i heard a definite difference in my stock exhaust note at 300 miles, she got a little meaner sounding but wasn't enough so i went aftermarket...but yeah i keep hearing the same this many (insert miles) she wakes up...

imho she was a beast when i bought and she will be a beast at 100,000 miles (of course, by then a supercharger will have been added)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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