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Finally had a chance to open up the R/T tonight on the freeway and let me say I was very impressed. I drive Corvettes everyday for work and this thing accelerated from 60-100 as fast as any Corvette i have driven but twice as smooth. Everytime I drive this car i'm more satisfied with my purchase.
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if you think your satisfied wait until you log on at least 6K miles. The Hemi will wake up!!!
the infamous "wake up" point of the HEMI... LMAO...

search the web... you will see people who swear it is at 3,000.... 5,000..... 7,000.... etc etc... if this is true cool.... but I have read so many different stories on this that now I just laugh when it is brought up....

Guess I will just have to see for myself once I take delivery of my Charger to see when this mythical "wakeup" point is on my car... :D
You will be replying when you get to the wakeup point, It happened on my truck and on everyone that has had a 5.7 hemi. go to the dodgetruckworld forums and you will see.......
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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