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Windward Mall Cruise Night?

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Anyone up for the June 25th Cruise Night at Windward Mall in Kaneohe??? I finally will be able to go. I am on vacation for the whole month of June. And now that my wife is recovering and feeling better, I would be able to break away for a few hours. Would love to show of a little bit and see some old friends......Let me know...Andy

Aloha. :beerchug:
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I know we have not had a good track record the last couple of years, but we could start over and have a good showing. Usually I am on my way to work just about the time it is ending, and there were huge amounts of cars the last few times. Plenty of good places to get some food and drink as well.
Drksyd and I plan to be there.
AWRITE !! :beerchug:
What time do you want to meet? Should we meet at Times Mkt, or just over there at the MAll? 386-2326...let me know bro...Andy
Cool...I thought it started at
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