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Why is my car shaking? !

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Long story short, I was racing a mustang earlier today in LA and when it was all set and done(of course I won) I pull up to the traffic stop and my car is shaking while I'm waiting for the light.... Light turns green, I let go of the brake before pressing gas to proceed and its more noticible. But while I drive I can't feel it at all....

Does anybody know why this happened? And what can I do? !

Would really appreciate it
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What year and what model?
2007 charger 3.5L
Sounds like you hit a chunk of carbon in the cylinder with the revving of the car and possibly fouled a plug. That does happen when you stretch the piston/rod and connect with cylinder carbon.

Just a thought.

BND Automotive LLC
How can i fix that or will it stop?
No I have not checked for any codes yet but I will. I know I do have two codes right now tho, intake manifold solenoid circuit, something like that,I believe it's P0660. Is that something I should really be worried about also?

And about your story I sure won't anymore..wouldn't want that in my conscious. Thank u bro
Typically it will stop on it's own as it burns off the tip of the plug and injector.

If you continue to rev the engine up like that it will continue to occur.

Usually when this happens, we recommend the ACES IV-FIC to run it in the gasoline to get rid of all the deposits in the cylinder and the injectors so that when you really get on it more frequently you won't end up with that situation. If the carbon gets stuck the car would need a chamber deposit cleaner through the intake. We want to get to it before that is necessary!;)

BND Automotive LLC:driving:
Hopefully it does.because it's annoying with all the shaking lol

I sure do wish I stayed in Ohio tho so I can bring my car to u :)

Thanks brother
How much would it be to fix? What exactly has to been?... I'll have to check the codes to tell u exactly which one it is
Tell me the codes and then I can give you an idea of what might be the issue.

It's also important to know that this might clear itself in a few drive cycles, so it's not necessarily an urgent issue...only time will tell.
N week the codes I told u I have I've had it for awhile now.haven't gone away.sometimes they foo but they cine right back
Sounds like you need to get it into the dealer for a diagnostic of the active intake manifold valve. It make be simply stuck or need to be repaired/replaced.
I know i do. Just dont have time because of work
Been working nothing but 7/12 at the refinery, for the past 3 months.
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