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So i am finally in hawaii now and im just waiting on the ride to get here.....and whats the deal with nobody postiung up in here anymore? Whats up with the meet and greets? People better start posting up, ive been on the island for only 2 days and ive seen a few chargers and 300s .... So whats up ...chime in poeple
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Roddy, let us know when your car gets here. I am always up for a get together. I think we are also waiting on Chris to get back. I would like to get a M&G in Manoa, at the shopping center. I haven't been posting as I have family matters to attend to. I go in cycles where I post myself to death, and then nothing for awhile.
I am all in anytime.
i wish i was in hawaii
same :beerchug:
same :beerchug:
i live in new england. we have had 55-60 degree days for the past couple days. i thought that was cool. i can only imagine what hawaiis like ......:bowdown:
You and me both!
LOl glad im not the only one dreading the weather right now
You guys are funny! We do hit the 60's in the weeeeee hours of the night and morning some times. And even get snow on the top of haleakala on the Big Island
its night time here right now bro...and guess what its around 35 degrees.....
yeah i know exactly what you guys are saying.... we left germany where its been snowing like cold witches t.t. and get to hawaii where i dont care what degree it is outside.... im loving this ....i get to wear shorts now lol...........
oh yeah and beam....... im the same way bro.... always off and on here with me especially since we had beenmoving and still arent done yet.... but you guys will deffinatly know when i get the ride here....
I grew up in Vermont...when the Marines sent me here, I swore I'd never look back.....
....Anyways, How about a M&G the end of the month.....Manoa Shopping Center....either mid morning or early evening...Sat or Sun...Pick a date....Anyone? Let's do this...Gotta show off my Pedder's suspension.....would make a BMW envious.

Put it out on LX forums also......
You know I am in for a M&G. I will have to play it by ear thought. Working on a crazy project and I am pretty much always on call.
i am in .... someone may have to pic me up on the way cause i doubt the ride will be in hawaii by then ..... damn thing just got to ga.....
i live in new england. we have had 55-60 degree days for the past couple days. i thought that was cool. i can only imagine what hawaiis like ......:bowdown:
Come take my place can't stand it here. Kauai just plain sucks! Wish I was still stationed in Japan.:driving:
I love Kauai
I love Kauai
I think we love Kauai so much because we get to leave it.
Wish I could make the M&G, but I think I gotta work that day. On a brighter note, I got my Vipers, Mopar Stage 1 Springs, and Koni Shocks installed.:banana:


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hey bro did you get the vipers here or did you get them shipped here ? im looking into getting some new rims and trying to figure out what to get.... send me a pm if you can
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