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So, I might be buying the Mopar/Kicker speaker upgrade from the dealer. I randomly received a "Customer Appreciation Certificate" from Jeep today for $150 towards Mopar parts. The Kicker upgrade actually uses some decent speakers and I like that they use the OEM connector so I don't have to splice or buy the harnesses. The final deciding factor is that I get $150 off so it's a pretty good deal. The coupon is only good at the dealer parts counter so I can't order online, so I'm still stuck paying dealer price, but still a savings none the less.

According to Mopar's accessory catalog, the 15 Charger w/o Beats audio requires 77KICK28AB for the dash and front doors, which consists of tweeters only for the dash. Part number 77KICK11AB swaps the tweeters for full range 3.5s. Would this be a better option? I'm just not sure where the cut off ranges are set and if the 3.5" woofer would even get enough of a signal to make a difference. Price is the same for both kits...

I've got the Kicker KS non-Mopar speakers in the dash of my Ram and they sound good, so I know I'll like them in the Charger... I do have Alpine Type S speakers in the doors but the Kickers should sound just as good.
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