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Which Exhaust Is Louder?

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The Flowmaster Kit 17405 or the Aggressive Borla Kit 140125?

I've heard the Flowmaster kit on a Photobucket video, but I've yet to hear the aggressive Borla kit. I took the wife to a Muscle Car show in Springfield this past weekend and she now wants some exhaust for her Charger R/T. :rockon: She also wants a spoiler and a CAI.

What she/I don't want is the raspy glass pack sound, similiar to an old farm truck with a lift kit! :sick:

Thanks in advance.
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the borla definitely wont give you the raspy sound. it is very deep and refined. as to which one is louder... i'd say its prerry close. i've never heard a flowmaster kit in person but i'm guessing they'd be about the same
I've heard them both. Go with the Borla. Sound's better and more refined than the Flows but just as loud. Superior materials/quality. Also, Borla is a straight-through system while Flowmaster is baffled. You will pay more but it's worth it.
I have the borla 125. The sound is awesome, especially when its broken in. Turns heads all the time
Thanks for the info. I was already leaning towards the Borla 125s. I definately like the deeper more refined growl over the raspier Flows. I have flows on my truck and they sound really good, but that is on a truck! Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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