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What's a bowtie boy doing here?

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Well, let me tell ya...

A couple years back my '87 Monte Carlo SS bit the dust--actually, it bit a stone retaining wall, and lost. I couldn't bring myself to replace it with one of the front wheel drive V6s that Chevy now calls a Monte Carlo SS, so went looking for other options. Whadaya know, GM (Pontiac) decided to bring back the GTO. Rear wheel drive... V8... OK, it's not a Chevy, but it could work. Or so I thought, until I saw one. Ugh. Next.

Even though it's a F*rd, I did have to admit that the Mustang concept looked pretty cool. Certainly better than anything GM was coming out with. And brand loyalty can only go so far. I mean, I can't buy what they aren't making. So I wait to see how the production 'Stang turns out. Well, they do tone it down some from the concept, but it doesn't look anywhere near as much like my father's Oldsmobile as the GTO. (Actually, Dad had a '68 'Stang, and you can see a bit of it in the '05. So, cool.) But wait, there's no independent rear suspension? Not even as an option?! Excuse me, but I thought this was a pony car--the Pony car. I mean, even Dodge's station wagon has IRS, and I don't think anyone's going auto-crossing in that.

OK, don't panic, I'm sure SVT will come out with a Cobra or Bullitt or Mach-1 or something. They discontinued all the other SVT models, and they must've built the GT-R for a reason. So I'll just wait one more year. What's that? It's not going into production until '06 for the '07 model year?! Umm, this is only 2004, right? {sigh}

Ya know, speaking of that Dodge wagon, it might be cool if they made a car version...

So here I am. Hi, all! - Maestro
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Raxstone said:
From what I've read, the SVT Mustang should appear in the 2006 model year.
Do you recall where you read this? Are you sure it wasn't "in production in [August] 2006 for the 2007 Model Year"?

Thanks - Maestro

P.S. Actually, this is the tail end of the '04 MY. But even if we count it as the start of the '05 MY, that would still mean the '06 MY is, well, one year away. That's not "a short step" in my book.
Sorry DCX, but now that the pics are out, you blew it. Yes, I've heard the car looks better in person. But, even if it does, there ain't no way it'll look good enough to make me want to spend $30k on one. If I were willing to compromise on styling, we wouldn't be having this conversation because I'd have bought a GTO.

And yes, I've also heard that there's a SWB LX in the pipeline. But in Ford's pipeline is an SVT Mustang.

Yes, I know you had to do the 4-door first for "bottom line" reasons, but my bottom line is: you only had a small window of opportunity to grab me and my hard earned dollars, and you just missed it. Of course, you're probably OK with that since I'm only one potential customer. I mean, it's not like there were a lot of other folks who were disappointed in the styling of the GTO or the lack of IRS in the new 'Stang. (And while were on the subject of bottom lines, was there really more demand for a wagon than there is for a 4-door or a 2-door?)

See you at the track - Maestro
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16 more models will hit the showroom before 2006 is ended.
Yes, but my point was that they could've had my money now. Instead, they'll have to wait and see how their upcoming models compare to the upcoming SVT Cobra, new F-body, redesigned GTO, etc.

Mustang and Charger are not in the same class. Coupe versus sedan.
True. However, IMO both cars are in the same RWD V8 "performance" niche.

Charger will sell, with you or without.
Granted. I'm just saying it might've sold better if the styling were more... well.. stylish.

SVT needs a new direction and stop the nonsense of ALL TALK AND NO WALK
Perhaps we'll have a better idea when the New York Auto Show rolls around, and (hopefully) both the SWB LX and SVT Cobra are unveiled.

In any case, thanks much for the forum - Maestro
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