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What's a bowtie boy doing here?

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Well, let me tell ya...

A couple years back my '87 Monte Carlo SS bit the dust--actually, it bit a stone retaining wall, and lost. I couldn't bring myself to replace it with one of the front wheel drive V6s that Chevy now calls a Monte Carlo SS, so went looking for other options. Whadaya know, GM (Pontiac) decided to bring back the GTO. Rear wheel drive... V8... OK, it's not a Chevy, but it could work. Or so I thought, until I saw one. Ugh. Next.

Even though it's a F*rd, I did have to admit that the Mustang concept looked pretty cool. Certainly better than anything GM was coming out with. And brand loyalty can only go so far. I mean, I can't buy what they aren't making. So I wait to see how the production 'Stang turns out. Well, they do tone it down some from the concept, but it doesn't look anywhere near as much like my father's Oldsmobile as the GTO. (Actually, Dad had a '68 'Stang, and you can see a bit of it in the '05. So, cool.) But wait, there's no independent rear suspension? Not even as an option?! Excuse me, but I thought this was a pony car--the Pony car. I mean, even Dodge's station wagon has IRS, and I don't think anyone's going auto-crossing in that.

OK, don't panic, I'm sure SVT will come out with a Cobra or Bullitt or Mach-1 or something. They discontinued all the other SVT models, and they must've built the GT-R for a reason. So I'll just wait one more year. What's that? It's not going into production until '06 for the '07 model year?! Umm, this is only 2004, right? {sigh}

Ya know, speaking of that Dodge wagon, it might be cool if they made a car version...

So here I am. Hi, all! - Maestro
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Stevasaurus said:
The difference between the two vehicles is that the SRT-4 was being targeted to a demographic that typically looked upon Neons as scum on the bottom of their shoes. The car had to prove itself. I remember when they first hit the lots and initially went nowhere until SCC named it Car of the Year and other media got on-board as well. Meanwhile, new Charger is coming from a platform with two very successful predecessors already, while having to fill the shoes of one of the most famous models in the brand's history. SRT-4 had to tap people on the shoulder and introduce itself. People have been anxiously awaiting Charger.

Exactimente. I always scoffed at the Neon's, though I did take a look at the R/T's when I was in the fourth grade, haha.

One day when I was looking at the Dodge site, I saw the little banner for the SRT-4, so I clicked on it and still wasn't sold by a Neon with a neato grill.I had to do a lot of reading to make sure that it wasn't going to be something that I could be outrun by a Civic in, and the only benefit was I would look Solar Yellow flashy while losing. It took some convincing, but I now have an SRT-4 in my garage.

I had to find it myself at the end of 2002 to read about when they would be coming out the next year, so I could get one when they first came out. They had to sell me on it, and they did an excellent job of it because it is an outstanding automobile. But all of us want more power. Sure they gave it more power for 2005. I love my 2003, but now want a 2005. They didn't need to give it more power, all it does is give the car more and more buzz. It all levels out if you get the Stage 3 kit and put in a limited slip in the 2003's.

I've been looking at Chargers for years and years now, and when I heard about the new ones coming out, I was ecstatic, they didn't have to sell me on it, I was sold. Though years ago when I saw the first concept with the four doors, they had already lost me as a customer. I'm not completely disappointed by this Charger, but only because after seeing the first concept my expectations weren't sky high.

Maestro-- With the GTO, although they look bland, I like them because they remind me of the Monaro in Australia. I figured it would be unique to see if you could graft on a Monaro facia and then put on HSV/Holden badges onto it. Just my crazy thoughts though... I have too many ideas...
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