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What to do next?

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Hey everyone it's my first post here and I'm looking to do some more upgrades on my car and i'm completely open to suggestions. I don't have to much to work with right now but i have about 500 to spend. Right now I've got the diablo tune, K&N intake, and Flowmaster American Thunder. My rear is going from the 3.06 to the 3.92 hopefully this week and 315's are going in the back on tuesday! I'm open to both performance and exterior. Thanks guys! >:)


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A cam. A nice lopey (at idle) can.
Gotza, man I wish. Budget doesn't really call for it right now though...
I hear ya, but you could just buy the cam, which would be within your budget range, then sit on it until you save up for the springs, pushrods, lifters, ect...

I know it's not an instant gratification, but in a year's time, you could have a nice power adder.

Though, the lip spoiler does look nice.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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