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A tuner can be compared to having a really experienced mechanic at your beck and call whenever you want. I have a 1968 Chrysler convertible that has a 400 cube big block engine bored and stroked out to 513 cubes. It has a carburetor and a mechanical distributor. I have to set the timing by changing a pair of springs in the distributor so that the 22 degrees of mechanical timing I need to add starts to come in at 1500 rpm and is all in at 2400 rpm. Then I install the distributor and set the initial timing advance (with a timing light) to approximately 16 degrees BTDC (so that I now have 38 degrees total advance by 2400 rpm). Then I have to adjust the vacuum advance canister to add another 12-14 degrees of advance under light throttle (for fuel mileage). I have to check the timing with the timing light and tachometer to see when the advance starts coming in and when it is all in. If I chose my springs poorly, I have to start all over with a different set...could be 10 or twelve combos that would work, and I've got to try them all to get the one that's best.

Then it's time to monkey with the rod/jet combos in the Edelbrock 800 cfm carburetor, adjusting everything with a vacuum gauge and going back and forth between the idle rpm and timing settings, etc, etc---it can take 1/2 a day to get it set up, then you have to go out and drive it to see if it worked. If its knocking you have to go back to the garage and try different carb and distributor settings to get it to work right. Anyway, it's a royal Pain In the A$$ to get it set up. The Diablo does all that for you with a few pushes on a touch is simply Magic, so just buy it already, you'll love it!,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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