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I have been running the Trinity since its release on my 2013 RT and about 10,000 miles. I was running it with 93 tune, Intake, exhaust and I had knock under control. Never saw much more than 3* Short term with 0* of long term. I would say car was a touch faster over stock with same mods. I ran a [email protected] with a DA of 2300ft. I would say the trinity added half of a tenth and maybe .5-1mph on my trap speeds.

For the last 2,000 miles I have been running the modified stock tune using 89 fuel and had some pinging I could hear. I recently purchased 2014 Challenger RT 6sp so I divorced the trinity from Charger. Stock tune is much better than modified stock tune as far as performance. All my knock is gone and car feels more eager to get up and go, but lack of throttle boost sucks.

Here is the kicker, the MDS exhaust note is quieter with stock tune. One stock tune it has a mellow sound, but with the Trinity tune it has a nasty sharp sound. I really think they over advanced the timing in the cruise range. MDS doesn't nearly bug me as much with my exhaust now lol

I really questing whether its worth installing the trinity on my 2014 Challenger. Raising the rev limit to 6000 is about the only benefit I can see at this time.
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