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Well I finally installed all the parts from winter!!

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Hey guys, so a few months back I made a post waiting for winter to end so I can finally put some upgrades on, well that moment came!!

It has been very dirty outside and it rained when I took the pics, hopefully soon it'll be a lot warmer it so I can wash it up clean and take better pics, but anyways here is some pics of new upgrades!!
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Alloy wheel

Sky Light Water Cloud Sunlight
Vehicle Tire Alloy wheel Rim Automotive tire
Tire Automotive tire Floor Wheel Vehicle
Blue Light Electric blue Sky Water

Rims are viper reps in GLOSS BLACK,yes it's hard to tell when they are so dirty! Staggered 20x9 and 20x10 with Nitto invo 245 in front and 275 in back.

I got the full LED conversion kit from diode dynamics (more pics coming soon of all of them).

Hope you guys like!

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Thanks guys, I couldn't be happier with the fitment at all! And I can already tell you that my next rubbers in back will be a 295! Maybe even 305?? But I def have some room yet. But for anyone who is wondering about the Nitto Invo's, they are ridiculously quiet on the road!! I couldn't believe it; and as for traction in waiting for the roads to warm up a bit so I can launch it from a dig!

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