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Weird stall....

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Took the Charger out for a wash and gas up. Filled up at my usual BP with 93 as normal. Drove home, stopped at the mailbox, restarted, drove to my parking spot.
Saw a letter from Homeland security, thought I better see what it was (driver license renewal -lol), sitting with the car in park, idling, only the radio on, not touching the gas or brake.
After abut 2-3 minutes, got a rough idle, RPMs dropped to around 400(EVIC) then jumped to about 1200 and the dash chimed once and the engine died. Only the engine and oil lights came on when it died.
Tried the key trick to get codes, none.
Started it back up, let it idle for about the same amount of time, died again, same symptoms. Again, no codes.
Tried starting it, and it would fire but didn't kick over and start. Tried again, fired right up. Let id idle for another 2-3 minutes, died again, same symptoms, no codes again.
OK I think, we have a repeatable problem here, should be able to diagnose with some help.
I'm thinking I need to figure out the time elapsed before it dies. I get out my cell and find my stop watch app. Start the engine up again and start the timer. At 1:20, the engine got a rough idle and a stumble, but did not die. After 11 minutes, I gave up.
After the initial stumble at 1:20, it idled fine.
So it dies 3 times within about 15 minutes with no codes and same symptoms, then on the fourth time, while I'm timing it, it only stumbles and keeps running.
I don't have exact times on how long it took to die on the first 3 times, so the times could be more or less, these are only estimates.
Since I just got gas, I thought of the tank recall issues, but IIRC that is a "permanent stall" requiring a tow and mechanical assistance/repair to get running again.
I also thought of trash or water in the fuel, but typically water will hit the fuel system quicker than what I experienced, and should have left me on the side of the road, depending on the amount of water pumped in of course.
Some trash/dirt in the gas would be my next guess, but I'm thinking the fuel filter should have not allowed it into the fuel line.

2006 SRT; not tuned, all stock except for the Mopar CAI, which has a nice, clean, new Mopar filter as of about 2 weeks ago. New TB also installed about 2 weeks ago. No issues until today

What say ye, Charger experts?:confused:

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What you are experiencing is the fuel tank recall issue. What you describe is exactly how it happens. It stalls but you can restart it. Sometimes it only stalls once, sometimes two or three times and then it's fine again. The stalls almost always seem to happen at idle or low rpm.

Until you get the tank replaced you can either not fill the tank all the way (stop short by a couple of gallons) or do what I do and simply wait 1 minute after filling up before putting the gas cap back on.

The dash lights you described are the biggest clue since just seeing the engine and the oil light means it stalled because the fuel stopped flowing because of the tank defect and the engine briefly ran out of fuel (also why there wasn't any code thrown). If it were an electrical or ignition issue you would have seen the whole Christmas tree of lights.
Ah, ok that makes some sense, at least with the lights and no codes. Does the RPMs surge to about 11-1200 right before it dies with the fuel tank issue?
I thought this was the oddest part and most confusing clue. If it runs out of fuel, why the RPMs jump just as it dies. Unless the computer is sensing it's about to die and tries to raise the RPMs to compensate?
I wonder why it waited over a year after I bought the car to show up? I didn't do anything different than I usually do when I fill it up. Nozzle clicked off, I filled it till it clicked two more times, same as always. Odd.
I also thought the tank stall was almost immediate, like while you're trying to leave the gas pump area or leave the gas station; this waited almost 2 miles and after a stop and restart (mailbox) before it stalled.
Not disagreeing with you, just seems odd it waited to show up.

So I should be good since the gas has dropped in the tank a bit? Shouldn't stall anymore on this tank?

Appreciate the info DDaddy!
At least I know what the issue is and it's not related to the new TB.
I pm'd DodgeCares earlier and requested they check my VIN for the extension on the fuel tank. I believe I got a letter, but since I was not having the issue, I think I filed it in the car with the service receipts. I'll have to look for it.

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