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Washington Post review of Charger Police Package (moved)

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Today's Washington Post contained a review of the Police Charger. For those of you who are interested, I have attached the text version of the article. (Apologies -- translating the article into text seems to have created some formatting problems.)


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How about a link to the article?
How about a link to the article?

Here it is:

If this link doesn't work, just go to:

and search for the term "police charger."

Washington Post requires you to register and sign in before you can see the article in full.
I saw a Virginia State Police Charger had someone pulled over on 95 North in Lorton last week. Between the cost of tickets around here and the speed most people drive....makes you wonder how they pick people out... I suppose it's the aggressive speeders and lane changers.
And don't forget the BS Aggressive driving fines they instituted on us this year that ONLY APPLY TO VIRGINIANS. How the heck can you enforce a rule that quadruples the fines on THE major interstate of the Eastern Seaboard only on Virginians. And in the middle of the summer Disney World/South Florida trip season.
Way better than a damn Taurus lol. Just starting to see a few RCMP Chargers and Highway Sheriff rides here in the rurals, very intimidating looking compared to an old 4 door Crown Vic.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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