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long time since I've been on the site, but hopefully someone here with a bit of Charger wiring knowledge can help me out....
Here's the details...
1- Washer pump doesn't work when engaged with switch.
2- Fluid is full, not frozen, lines are clear & the pump motor works on the bench.
3- Fuse #1 (15A) underhood is good & I have 12VDC to the fuse.
4- I have ensured there is continuity from the pump plug on BOTH the 12V supply side to the harness connector located beneath the fuse panel and from the pump plug to ground.
5- I don't get 12VDC to the pump from the fuse

I suspect that there is a relay on this panel that is not working but I'm unsure which one & the owners' manual is useless in this regard.

This would all make sense as I'll bet the contacts inside the stalk are not rated for any significant current.

If anyone can point me to a wiring diagram for this circuit, or tell me which relay might be the culprit, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Here's the wiring diagram for the windshield washer. I don't see where fuse 1 comes into play but you should check fuse 35 (rear) as well as fuse 30 (rear). Fuse 30 powers the SCM (steering column module) which is where the multifunction switch connects. If this fuse was bad, you'd also have probelms with things like turn signals, horn, etc. so I'm guessing it's fine. The service manual doesn't say if the washer fluid sensor prevents the pump from running when low or if it just illuminates a dashboard light. Good luck!

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