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Alright fellas another great announcement.. Saturday February 23rd... We are having another great install party.. This one is a big one.. A good amount of folks from the BC Canada, Portland, and Seattle area including a special guest. Troy Ding himself owner of Dings Complete Care Care in Vancouver,WA aka the mad scientist himself in making a show and helping with the install. If you don't know who Troy Ding is he is the owner of Troy's Ding Racing and has custom built engines and many other great thing's here for the Pacific Northwest folks.. Also the man that built many custom cars including the Record breaker Charger RT. (9.47).. Anyways if your coming from the South area we are doing a Convoy up to Maryville and for folks who are worry about gas and it being a long trip.. Some of us are offering free car pool services to help on the gas. The meet up spot is in Renton and Location is the Lowes parking lot.. Times are TBD since we are still discussing this as a group for best times to leave at.. Car pool services we will have to work out something for you guys to drop your cars off to.. If you are interest and tired of sitting around and been wanting to do a another car meet, or see at first hand how to install a Cam. Here is your chance. Don't worry about being new or not knowing anybody or not having mechanic skills. We have enough of those guys and were not looking into finding more mechanics. We just want more folks that love the cars and want to join in.. 300s, Mags, Chally, Chargers, and Jeep SRT8s are all welcome. Basically if your a MOPAR then you are very welcomed there. I will still post photos of the install.. If you come out for this one then you won't regret it. If interest respond to thread... Well work something out with ya..
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