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VON Status Codes

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Just curious if anyone has more information on the VON status codes...?

I found this website for the RAM Trucks status codes... are they the same??

My current status code is: D firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
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CO-Charger said:
Yes, those are the same codes that the Charger orders follow.
Thanks man... Just hope mine is built before the possible strike :sad:
SRT8Texas said:
Since you've been a loyal customer, do they offer you the vehicles less than invoice? Just curious as to whether dealership loyalty has any real benefits.
Well... I asked the Sales Manager if they had any "customer loyalty" discounts or better trade-in value on my '02 Stratus R/T Coupe... he just chuckled. "Not on this car", he said.

Guess I'm just glad I'm paying MSRP and they aren't bumping it up over MSRP. No doubt they could easily do so and still sell these cars.
Anyone else care to share their VON status code on their SRT-8?

Just curious if anyone else out there has a D status yet... ?

Anyone know what the "Priority Code: 99" on the VON sheet means??
DodgeMan said:
I was told by my dealer that the priority code is what the dealers use to 'rank' the order, lower numbers have higher priority.
Thanks for the response and info.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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