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Hello all,

Thank you all for accepting Vivid Racing into this great community. I wanted to take a moment and introduce Vivid and myself.

Vivid Racing is one of the leaders in distribution of performance products. We have successfully been operating since 2001, and going strong. We cater to just about everyone, and wanted to bring our great service, products, and pricing to this community. I am ready to give the best pricing on all your Charger needs, including wheels, and some tires.
My name is Tom, and I am the Domestic Performance Specialist for Vivid Racing. I have been in this industry since 1986, and it's been a hobby for me even earlier. Yes I'm old. I am a Mopar nut, new and old. I own and drive a 15 Hellcat Challenger, my son drives a 19, 1320 Scat Pack, and my wife drives a 19, 392 Daytona Charger. We are also building a 1968 Barracuda big block car. So yes, we are a complete Mopar family. I am super excited to be here, and as I said, I am ready to get you all the best prices possible. I would be interested in group buys also if anyone else is.
I will be running specials periodically, so keep your eyes open, and don't be shy to pm me with any questions.

Thanks everyone,

Tom Maycock

Domestic Performance Specialist

Vivid Racing
1429 W. Scott Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
480-966-3040 ex254
[email protected]

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