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Yes having the same problem with my 2012 SE. last month it went into reverse and almost ran me over. I have a small dent in the bumper. Not concerned about fixing that, just want the car safe because I have employees that drive it also.

Well (4) x been in the shop to check. Once a part replaced called "Wireless Receiver" @ $553.00. It still doing it and even Dodge sent a engineer to look and download the codes. He says he found nothing.

Today received a letter from their so called "General Counsel" stating that they are not at fault and actually leads the reader to believe I lied about the whole thing. Good news is now I have VIDEO. I am filing a NTSB complaint and getting a attorney! If you want to contact me call me at 859-619-8269 (Charlie)

Look, I love the car! and I really don't want to sue anyone. I just want to have the damn thing fixed or if anyone else has the same problem please let me know how to fix it.

I forgot, Dodge customer service says drive <5mph and then hit switch to turn off. crazy car shuts off with nothing DANGEROUS:surprise:
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