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Updated pix with tint and tails

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here it is =) a lil dirty just got outta some shops

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First... looks great! Second... lower it, please, it would look so much better!
lol read my mind! i ordered springs 2 days ago hopefully by next week it'll be complete =) thx tho
What tails? Rockblockers? 402s?

Looks great!
Now that's a Bada$$ Urban Assault Vehicle!
haha there were done at my wheel shop i got the wheels done at... clear coated and smoked out =)
To B Honest To Much Black On Tht
looks sweet man, nice job
SUPER SICK thats the exact same look im going for...Just saving for 22's
which springs did u go with? please post pics when u lower it...
To B Honest To Much Black On Tht
WHAT??? I dont think that is possible
eibachs ... and to much black are you crazy its a shadow in the nite ready to take on anyone =) i love it
looks awesome why don't u get the fronts tinted?
Looks really nice!!! You'll def like it better with the drop!
Lookin' good!!!
To B Honest To Much Black On Tht
Too much chrome - happens too often

Too much black? never

Nice car man
looks amazing
now get rid of the spoiler and moldings
thanks for the feedback everyone and i didnt want the headlights lighter then everything else. It wouldn't match and for the spoiler and moldings im still thinking about it because I wanna keep the spoiler for the Srt-8 hood and moldings I still dont know =\ haha but thanks everyone
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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