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Type of transmission fluid

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V6 8 speed transmission on a 2012 dodge charger, I need to know what kind of transmission fluid and how much? desperate need!! They're saying its 43 dollars a quart for some special tranny fluid and have to hook up to scan tool n all that...need some truthful insight to know if I'm being ripped off because that sounds outrageously priced!! Thanks so much!!
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And what's up with the change from OEM tranny fluid that's like 7.19 a quart for penny pinchers or people who like full synthetic?!
What you are talking about is the MS-9602 fluid known as ATF+4. This is NOT what you put in the 8 speed. It is a completely different fluid. You have an 8HP45 which is unique to the 8 speed years. This is the only FULLY ZF trans....2012. The 2013 and up us the 845RFE which is different!

This is why we put out the information on the 8 speed trans so that noone would make a mistake. Yes, it is over $43.00 per quart for the 8 speed but we do it for $28.65 and make a better more durable fluid. You put it in on the side of the transmission! Dropping the filtran gets rid of what is in the valve body but not the torque converter!

BND Automotive LLC:driving:
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