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Type of transmission fluid

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V6 8 speed transmission on a 2012 dodge charger, I need to know what kind of transmission fluid and how much? desperate need!! They're saying its 43 dollars a quart for some special tranny fluid and have to hook up to scan tool n all that...need some truthful insight to know if I'm being ripped off because that sounds outrageously priced!! Thanks so much!!
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Thanks that just seems outrageous I knew where the fill plug was located and it had to be level and heated to 160 or so degrees but just thought the price was crazy so 8 speed takes 10 quarts from what I was seeing?
And what's up with the change from OEM tranny fluid that's like 7.19 a quart for penny pinchers or people who like full synthetic?!
So next question is I can't drain all the tranny fluid with vehicle off correct? It would only drain what's in converter?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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