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Introducing the Hurst Elite Series Program

Have you always wanted to buy a Hurst-built performance car, but just couldn't afford the high price tag? Now you can build your own version of a modern day Hurst car at the pace you desire and a cost that you can afford. Our engineers have been hard at work designing the highest quality performance products that you can buy for your modern muscle car, all while living up to the legendary Hurst name. George and his team would be proud!

In order for your car to qualify for the program, it must be fitted with the following Hurst "Elite Series" items: exhaust, wheels, springs, floor mats, graphics and a Hurst shifter. Once you've purchased all six items, contact Hurst directly with your proof of purchase information and we'll add you and your car to our exclusive Hurst "Elite Series" build list. We'll also send you a limited edition metal Hurst "Elite Series" badge for your car and an officially numbered "Hurst Elite Series" build certificate, allowing you to show off your pride of building your very own Hurst "Elite Series" car!

For more information, please contact our Tech Line at 707-544-4761.
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