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Tuner and Thermostat

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Hello all been awhile since I have been around but I am back in the Charger world. I got an 07 SubLime Daytona. It came with the Mopar CAI and nothing else. I am gonna put the 93 CAI performance tune on from a Diablo tuner. Do I need to put a colder thermostat in it or can I just put the tune on and be ok with out killing cooling fans or anything else?

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You can put the 93 tune with no problem don't need colder thermostat
I agree with rodneyiii here! Since the tune will increase heat with extra fuel and timing, it is advisable to turn on the fans sooner. Another thing to do is add some ACES IV to the gasoline. This will utilize more of the fuel as power/work and leave lubricity to cool the cylinders down much more. Results in 6 times less ring and bore wear and 4 times less stem/guide wear!:beerchug:

No stat is necessary or really advisable.;)

BND Automotive LLC:driving:

So The fans are good with the tune lowering the temp for them to come on or should I lower them with the tuner more? And if so what temps should I do?
OK the thermostat decided to start leaking on me so I am getting a 180 to put in now. With the 93 CAI high tune from the predator what temp should I set the fans to and how do I get to the fan setting to adjust them?

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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