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Tuner and Thermostat

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Hello all been awhile since I have been around but I am back in the Charger world. I got an 07 SubLime Daytona. It came with the Mopar CAI and nothing else. I am gonna put the 93 CAI performance tune on from a Diablo tuner. Do I need to put a colder thermostat in it or can I just put the tune on and be ok with out killing cooling fans or anything else?

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As they've said, you're fine running the stock t-stat with the tune. If you decide to go with a lower t-stat (170 or 180) you'll need to manually adjust the fan settings with the tuner to get the benefits.

In the summer I found my car was frequently well over 203 degrees and I could feel a noticeable power loss. I threw a 180 on and it ran much stronger in the dog days of summer, car never got above 190 in 100+ degree weather.

The car still runs great now that it's winter too, the car hovers around 183.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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