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trying to lower ET, time slip and video enclosed

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New personal best last week. Got about 8 runs in on Wednesday, best was a 13.61 @102.87. Weather was terrible, upper 80's, humid and da was in the rockies. Not bad for 150,000 miles and untouched. Runs made on stock 245 45 20s and couldnt launch any higher then about 1500 rom or she would spin. Id like to get her as close to 13.0 as possible but i dont think its going to happen without opening up the motor at this point. Only changes to the car is cai, catless mids, mufflers and diablo tune with 2 degrees extra timing and a few other minor tweaks in the boxed tune. I plan to get a custom tune from diablatoona shortly and hope for another mph and 1-2 tenths. Debating headers for a couple ponies and i am seriously contemplating the 3.92 diff package from mancini. Opinions and suggestions?
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Da ranged from 2800 to 3000. I did not do the math for corrected times. I figure in good air i could probably pull off a 13.45 at high 103s.
I used my computech raceair pro weather station. The same one i use to dial our super gas car and our superstock car. Forgive me for not getting overly serious about dialing my 150,000 mile daily driver. The topic was simply "here is what she ran, what horsepower changes are left without opening the motor to get as close to the 12 second barrier as possible." It is suppose to be a fun topic.
Thanks! Like i said before, its my daily driver and i try to keep it in good shape. She runs strong and doesnt burn a drop of oil. Ive been debating shorty headers for a while now. The custom tune from johan is coming in the very near future. At 150,000 miles, i dont think its smart to put a converter in it, but i plan on getting a much looser converter around 3000 when the trans lets go, but until then, its staying stock. I think my bext 2 major upgrades will be the 392 gears and headers along with the custom program. As long as i can keep from spinning off the line, i think i can drop 4 tenths total with the gears alone. I can get a consistent 2.0 60 foot as it sits so 1.80s shouldnt be too hard, might have to throw stickies on it after the gears. Time will tell.
Thanks! I have been racing for a long time. This car is a breeze to race compared to the other cars ive raced. I wish i could launch it harder but without drag radials its not going to happen. 1100 rpm is about it, i get a light bark and shes off, any higher and it fries the tires.
What was your mph?
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