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Trunk liners with subwoofers

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good quality trunk liner for a 2013 R/T Plus that would fit with the Beats Audio subwoofer. It seems that many I have seen online specifically mention that they do not fit with the subwoofer. Mine is being built still, so I am not able to see if there is a way around the fit issue by moving the subwoofer and then replacing it once the liner is in. Any information would be appreciated.

I searched around before starting the thread, so my apologies if this has been asked and answered anywhere else in the forum.
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HUSKY LINERS work! My buddy has a 2013 R/T w/Beats and it fits. On the Husky Trunk Liner, there is a line that you cut the section of the trunk mat out that still leaves a lip for those with the Beats system. Fits great and looks great! I have the same liner in my 2014 SRT without Beats and fits great in there too.

Stock picture but this is the one I ordered. Good luck!
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