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Hey Guys;

I put in the trunk and the side markers on the weekend, super happy with them.
Still waiting for the fogs backorder. Wondering if there's a rough date they might get shipped out. it always says 6-8 weeks.

Got a few questions regarding my next order.

DOOR light using trunk LEDs?
I wanted to ask about the Door LED's (SML8 38 lumes)
Could i just order the Trunk LEDs SML9 (88 Lumes) and put them in the door? I want that light real bright Red.

Multicolor Grille LED Kit
Do you have a video on how this is installed?
The extra LED is that for back up, or can I connect both to the controller for a brighter lighting?

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Hello Adrian,

The 6-8 weeks is a production lead time estimate. Our team is working extremely hard to keep up with the demand, but they are currently shipping in the given time frames (if not sooner).

We have a variety of options available for your door + trunk locations. You could install LED strips in there if you wish, though we don't have a specific installation video for that application.

Please feel free to give us a call for more information if you haven't already: (314) 205-3033

Thank you!
Nick C.
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