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trouble starting in morning again

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Ok guys so I'm having a strange start up issue in the mornings again but I'm making a new thread because last time the problem was my fault. ( I believe due to lazy amp wiring)
So lately in the morning when I start my car, it makes a noise like it is struggling to start on the first start up. The car still turns on, but the ESP BAS light is on so I turn off the car, and start it a second time. It starts perfectly fine the second time with no strange noise and no lights. No other problems noticed. Any ideas?
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I forgot to mention this only happens in the morning. No other start-ups throughout the day have this hiccup and I start my car at least 6 times a day.
I would have the battery checked. You would expect a battery level low message to get displayed but these cars (like all newer cars with all electronic/computer systems) act weird when the battery starts to get low on voltage/amps.
A weak startup in the morning (after sitting all night in cooler temps) could be due to lower cranking amps in the battery. After the alternator starts charging the battery - it's good for the day ... until you park it again at night.
I have the dash setup to show a variety of things like RPMS, speed, etc and one of them is voltage and it's at 14 when I start it up. Does the battery sensor not work very well when it's low?
Im not seeing an issue. Colder weather and increased crank time....normal
It doesn't just take longer though, it throws up those ESP BAS lights as well. And I know I'm not describing it well but it has a weird sound also like it does kind of sound like it's not getting full power.
If those codes are showing Im guessing you have an issue with the wheel speed sensors
did you read the first post? They show up on that first start-up only
Ok so I finally got my battery tested last week and it was apparently fine. This problem is so hard to fix because it only happens in the morning so I can only try things once a day.... And it isn't happening every day either. Seems to be worse the longer the car sits. All I can see on the connections is that there is a little bit of corrosion it looks like on the fusebox power wire. Could this cause it?


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Any corroded or loose connection can contribute to additional electrical resistance. It's worth cleaning the contact surfaces to remove any corrosion to see if it makes a difference. You can also apply some dielectric grease, or spray, to eliminate any future corrosion.
How should I clean that connection? Baking soda and water? I recorded my startup this morning so I could give everyone a better idea of what happens and of coarse it doesn't do it for the first time this week... Guess I'll start recording every morning so it doesn't happen haha.. Once a day problems are hard to diagnose!
Hi Dab King,

As djalbin pointed out, yes, corrosion on the connections may cause your concern. I recommend bringing your vehicle to an FCA dealership to have them diagnose it. Either way, be sure to keep us posted!
This morning I recorded my startup again and it didn't happen haha -___-
The only thing I can think of that I changed is the last two nights I went and sat in my car and turned only the battery on to lower the windows. I have no idea if that means anything just trying to record everything that happens though. Going to clean the connection tonight I think. From looking online I think a qtip with baking soda and water should do it
Thanks for the update. Did you end up having a chance to clean it last night?
honestly I completely forgot about it the second I heard my new exhaust. It didn't do it this morning either though! so strange
It does seem strange. Any updates since Friday?
Thanks for all your replies I appreciate it. I feel like an idiot for not having simply cleaned the fuse box connection yet but I went camping this weekend and didn't get around to it. I recorded the startup this morning so I have a clip I will post when I get home. One new thing that happened though, on sunday I drove to a store and left the battery on while my brother ran in but turned off the engine. When I started it back up a minute later, it made a tick tick tick noise without the engine firing. This is the alternator failing right? I'm going to have AAA test it soon. It hasn't done that since.
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