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Transmission Temp sending unit install?

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Has there been anyone to install a transmission temp sending unit on the nag1 transmissions? I've tried to look a couple times on here as well as on the lx forums but it's kinda hard to find because there are so many thread on measuring the fluid level.

I'm looking because I wanted a cheap way to check my trans temp so i make sure it's up to temp before accelerating too hard.

Thanks guys
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I don't know if any of this applies to aftermarket gauges but the newer Chargers with NAG1 (2012 R/T in my case) can display the transmission temp on the EVIC screens. The sensor is internal to the transmission but the signal is sent through the Park/Neutral switch.

Info from the Charger Service Guide:

The Electrohydraulic Control Unit Assembly of the NAG1 transmission contains a temperature sensor to monitor the transmission oil temperature. This sensor is wired in series with the transmission Park/Neutral switch.

The transmission oil temperature sensor is located in the shell of the electric valve control unit and is fixed to the conductor tracks. Its purpose is to measure the temperature of the transmission oil and pass the temperature to the TCM as an input signal. It is a temperature-dependent

The transmission oil temperature sensor is switched in series with the park/neutral contact. The temperature signal is transferred to the TCM only when the dry-reed contact of the park/neutral contact is closed in REVERSE or a forward gear position.

The Transmission Temperature Sensor Specifications table identifies the relationship between transmission temperature and sensor voltage.

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