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Transmission problem??

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So I have a 2012 charger R/T. 57k miles.

I was driving home yesterday, cruising at normal highway speed, took it to about half throttle, when I got out of the gas my check engine light came in and the transmission wasn't engaging? I coasted for about half a mile, trying to exit, when it hooked back up and it hasn't done it's again yet... Any help would be appreciated
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was it leaking ? How did it get so low ?
^What he said. Also what was the code for?

wow on a 2012? i cant believe they are this problematic. i bought a used 06 R/T which has turned out to be the biggest bag of lemons i ever fell on. and i figured its an 06 n all. 201 and still similar issues? now i remember why i shied away from the domestic market. sorry to hear that man.
Yeah one the most highly engineered and mass produced items in the world. Who would have guessed something could fail. I'm sure that poor maintenance didn't play a roll in anything.
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