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Hello fellow charger owners I have a 2009 Charger SXT 3.5L with approx 76,000 miles. I am hearing a loud ticking/clicking noise as if something is loose inside the transmission, it sounds as if the noise is coming from the black block located under the transmission, but i can't pin point the noise, the noise only occurs when i slowly accelerate the car in 1st gear and even when the car is in park and in reverse but once the acceleration gets passed 2/3 rpm's the noise kinda dissapears, but its very noticable in between 1 and 2 RPM'S. Regardless of the noise the car runs great its only that noise thats been worrying me, i hope its not coming from the transmission but it definitely sounds like its coming from it. I did take my car in to get the rocker arm assembly (both right and left side) replaced cuz I took the car in for the same noise and the dealer told me it was the rockers but the noise is still happening and even louder..... if any knows or has had the same type of problem please share your experience.. thanks

- Albert :rolleyes2:
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