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Traction Control Light

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My traction light has started coming on and staying on when I make a left turn/ When I turn off the car it resets but reappears later. Suggestions?
Is the dealer the only place to read this? I've asked a few tire places but they say no.
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It may be a simple fix...(from member T-bird)

"There is a STAR case relating to steering shaft protrusion in relation to the ESP light coming on from SAS calibration. It involves removing the steering wheel & SCM (plastic collar containing clockspring, cruise switch, SCCM, Multifunction Switch and SAS)and measuring the shaft protrusion. But... you say it comes on when making left turns. I had an 08 with this exact same problem. Found the STAR case and saved some time. I didn't measure the column, but skipped ahead and just tried the repair procedure for if the column was ok. It worked. The procedure mistakenly instructs to use a T25 Torx screwdriver. You have to use a T30 Torx screwdriver, not a replaceable bit type. Here's the procedure:

Repair Procedure:

1. Through the hole in the bottom of the SCCM (refer to illustration) insert a T30 Torx driver and loosen the clamp screw approximately 4 turns. Do not remove the screw.
2. Pull the SCCM upward on the column tube toward the steering wheel as far as possible. The amount of movement is limited because the clamp screw is captured within an oval shaped hole in the tab on the casting of the column tube.
3. Re-tighten the screw.
4. Test drive the vehicle."

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