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Traction Control Light

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My traction light has started coming on and staying on when I make a left turn/ When I turn off the car it resets but reappears later. Suggestions?
Is the dealer the only place to read this? I've asked a few tire places but they say no.
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Another thing to check is your wheel speed sensor cables.

If the cable is not held in place, worn out, or catching on something it will cause issues with the electric nannies. If it is only momentary, it will cause an alarm that will stay on.

Otherwise, just make right hand turns.
".......Otherwise, just make right hand turns....."

Ha ha. Supposedly that's more efficient anyway. :jester:

In the long run I'm sure that it would be more work.

When (IF) you check the wires, gently pull them apart with two hands about one inch sections at a time. If any part stretches more than another, then you have a break in the wire which causes a short.

This was a common problem on some European cars of my past.

I am assuming that by traction control light you mean Mr. squiggles?

Do you experience any jerking while you turn at full lock?
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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