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We want to invite all the LX guys in the Northeast to be there with us. This is a great time to be able to get some training on a open track and learn your skills.

Track Day : New Jersey Motorsports Park : Thunderbolt : March 29th 2010

Ok Guys and gals its time for round 2 of the

**shopHemi.Com & Pedders Suspension Road Course Challenge Round 2**

For those that didn't attend last March here are the thread :

Here is a a Primary Link to this great event​

We had a great collection of cars out last time, 30 LX and Jeep SRT's and about 30 other cars ( Porsches - 911, 944, 911 Turbo, GT3's) Z06 Vettes, M3 M5 M6, Neon SRT4's etc etc. It was awesome and we want more !

Well kiddies as Dan and I have posted in a few different areas we have started work on the 2nd event at New Jersey Motorsprts Park on Thunderbolt.

Pedder USA and Engines have once again stepped up to the plate to support this event.

We had a great time last year, had a great group of people on track and everything I have heard back about the instructors has been outstanding.

So what are we going to change from last year ? Not a whole lot :mrgreen:

We will be running a Meet & Greet AT NJMP on Sunday March 28th 2010 there maybe a AutoX set up, we are still working on all the details on this. This will most likely be held over at the Lighting Course parking lot where Pedders USA did the skid pad testing.

This will allow people who can't make the race to see this awesome facility, M&G and maybe play a little with their cars on the AutoX. Also we are hoping the the supporting vendors will set up booths, have product to show off and let you all fondle and maybe some ride along's in prepped cars.

After this we will wander over to the lodge for some general BS'ing and bench racing.

On Monday March 29th 2010 we will be out on the Thunderbolt Course !

Thunderbolt Raceway featuring over 2.25 miles of asphalt, 14 challenging turns, a one half mile straightway and approximately 40 acres of full service paddock space.

We will also be contracting Hook on Driving for instructors again this year. The Goal is to have close to 20 instructors, a class room segment and the Track Marshal.

We will be limiting it to about 60 cars again, 3 run groups about 5 session per group.

We will again be looking to supply a hot lunch and some breakfast goodies.

Door prizes etc to be determined.

Group Buys are being working on already and I am chasing down leads on tires, wheels, brakes, and other assorted goodies.

I have this post across several different car forums again, so expect to see GTO's G8's New Camaros, some great LX vehicles and a slew of the Japanese & Euro cars we had last time ( M3's, M5's 911 Turbos, GT3's , S2000, GR-R, Subies etc).

Cost : It always comes down to this Everything we get from sponsors goes to making this event less costly for YOU, Our Goal is to keep it UNDER $275, this event's cost is a bit higher than last years ( more track workers, more instructors & Class room segments ). So the more help we get the lower the price will be across the board. It also falls to how many people we get signed up, If we fill out the 60 cars we will be golden, if we only have 45 cars well.... there will be lots of space to work on your lines and not get run over LOL

We treat our sponsors good they treat us good !​

Now for the Email list stuff :

If you want to be kept up to date on what is going on with this track day PLEASE PM me the following

Full Name :
Contact Phone Number :
Email Address :
Car you will be tracking :

This does not commit you to anything other than emails from ME and only ME, We do not sell or give this info to anyone else. If asked I may pass along an email from our sponsors but it will be sent by ME.

For those that want to help support us please LINK this image, Please DO NOT save it and link it from your file storage or photo bucket. If this image is not forum friendly PM or EMAIL me the required size and Ill get you a link. We are tracking the numbers on this so we need to use the provided links.

Pass the word to people that maybe interested in this event, invite them to the Sunday M&G if they can't manage the Monday event. Spectators are welcome.


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