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TPMS Question and cold weather

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Hi guys I got an 2014 SE back in Sept with factory 20" wheels.
I know when it gets cold tires can loose pressure and you should measure them while they're cold.

What tire pressure should I run the factory 20" wheels?
Tonight my TPMS sensor came on. It flashed a few times and then went solid.
I looked at the message center and it said"Service Required Tire Pressure System"
I then looked at the tire pressure screen at the time the pressure was FR31,FL32,RL30,RR34. The RL dropped to 29 for a second but by the time I got done driving it had moved to 31. So both Left tires said 31 and the right front was 32, rear 34 when I parked.

The temp outside is about 25* and looking for snow tomorrow. I'm in TN so it doesn't get too bad on this end of the state normally. I'm off so I'm not leaving the house.

If I put air in the tires and drive will the light turn off or am I going to have to take this thing to a dealer?

Again what PSI should I pump them to? First car I've had with TPMS sensors.

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So do you guys think I need to see a dealer if the light isn't supposed to come on until in the PSI is in the 20s?
Thing is two tires are 31, one is 32 and the other is 34. That's not a big of a difference is it? I haven't put a gauge to them only what the screen shows.
I will see about putting the other 3 at 34 and see what happens.
I'm iced in today so I'm not going to deal with it. Probably won't tomorrow either if the ice is still around:(
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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