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I went for a little test drive yesterday in a cool vanilla dodge charger se. Man that car is sick! a crapload of power plus a automatic that can shift manually!

We were driving up this highway called kamehameha highway, and there was a ton of traffic because one of our main freeways were closed because of a bad brush fire(we only have 3 major freeways on oahu...the H1, H2, And the H3)
so we went into this town called waipahu, and the dealer told me to make a u turn and go back to the dealer......but, the salesman told me "when the highway was clear, punch it. so i did. Took it in first, reved up to 6000, shifted into 2nd with autostick, reved to 6000 again, shifted third. By that time, i was almost hitting 95 in a 45 mph zone! :whistle:

so i wanted to test the brakes. at 3800 pounds, this car has no problem stopping from speeds like that! real strong.

So my take: strong motor, strong trans, strong car, could probably make this thing hit 140 top speed.

my lows: i had to let my foot off the gas to let the autostick shift after revving to 6000.....actually hit 6100 before it shifted....that was AFTER i put it into 2nd. and, the fact that a nice, 22000 car like that come with 17 inch WHEEL COVERS! maybe they should make a separate SXT appearance package without having to pay the SXT price.

All in all, a amazing car!

now to debate....SRT-4 or 06 Charger? :confused:

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