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Not posed, just thought after spending a few hours detailing last night I should take some pix before heading to the Detail Clinic this morning.

I pulled the wheels/tires off the car and polished the inside and outside with Metal Polish 1 and Metal Polish 2 followed by Brilliant Spray Glaze then shot my wheel wells with Invisible Undercarriage Spray. Tires are conditioned with V.R.T.

The Invisible Undercarriage Spray is PERFECT for wheel wells that have turned gray and take away from the looks of your rims and tires. It sprays on easy and leaves the plastic wheel well looking jet black.

Our V.R.T. (Vinyl Rubber and Tire) is a non petroleum based rubber dressing that dries quickly so it does not fling up on paint. It has SPF 30 built in to protect from solar fading and conditions to bring back the new tire look.

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