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When I saw an early 2005 Chrysler 300C at an auto show in Canada in April 2004 I was quite happy and shocked to find one other classic MoPar item on this LX platform car other than the motor. It was the tire certification sticker located on the driver's front door jamb near the B-pillar at shoe level; it can be seen when you open the front door and look down to the right.

This was the same type of sticker as on my 1975 and 1978 4dr B-Body Dodges (in the same location) with the slightly slanted pentastar log and all. Pretty wierd considering DCX has been doing so much to get rid of any evidence of the pentastar not to mention on their prized LX car itself. I should have taken a picture as production versions didn't have that sticker. Now I am not sure if the pre-production units had the pentastar only or if the Canadian production cars have different stickers as it was after all a U.S. show car (likely destroyed now) even though built in Canada.

Does anyone have tire certification stickers with the pentastar on it (the ones I saw later on the production LX cars were black with some yellow I think .The classic ones & the one I saw on the '05 LX show car should have been white with black lettering and the pentastar slightly angled on top of the card and large numbers showing the tire sizes and the spare tire size too. I think there is tire pressure data on there too.

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