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Tire Pressure on 22’s...

Here’s an edited version of my email exchange with technician Anthony Lee at Nitto Tire regarding tire pressure. To recap, I have an 06 R/t with Moda 9.5” rims and Nitto 265/35 R22 NT420s tires. The dealer always puts 50 psi in them because the tires say the max is 50. I’ve asked why and the 25 year old kid as well as the service manager just say it’s because that’s what the tires say. I think one of their names is Dumber.... Any way, here’s what Nitto says

“For the NT420s in the size 265/35 R22 on a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T the recommended air pressure is 32 psi.” “At 32 psi the load carried by your new tires will match the load carried by your OE tires on your car. It is fine to have your tires at the maximum pressure of 50 psi, having more air is always better then having too little air. It is true that with a higher pressure your wheel has more protection due to the stiffer result from having more pressure. Negatives of having too high of a pressure increases center wear on the tire and harsher ride quality. These tires are V- speed rated and should keep their characteristics up to 149 MPH. I realize how close that upper A-arm bolt is on the LX platforms, and unless you are going at speeds greater then 149 MPH you should have nothing to worry about. I have no problem with you posting this on your forum. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your business

Thank you
Anthony Lee
Nitto Technical Department

There it is ladies and gentlemen...... I’m going to try mine at 35 psi and see what happens.... and, and keep it under 149. :)


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