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Cherry orig posted this, Hope it helps and good luck!!

How to Drag Race the RIGHT Way


First thing I would like to do is say HI to my Fellow Charger Enthusiast. There are some things that you need to do even before you head to the track. Are you ready ??? Print this list it will help. I have been Drag Racing for 33 years.

Items to take with you: Small ICE CHEST, 2 BAGS OF ICE, RAG,

1.---Remove your spare tire and jack assembly--leave at home

2.---Remove the spare tire wheel well cover--leave at home

3.---Take a cooler with you that is big enough to hold 2 x 7 pound bags of ice

4.---Put the cooler in the car between the passenger front seat and the back
seat {if you trust people just leave the cooler in your pit area}

5.---Buy Shoe Polish that wipes off with a rag. it is called Dial-In and it is
made by Geddex: part #916

6.---Remove the engine cover (to let heat dissapate better from the
intake)--leave it at home

7.---Take one rag to wipe off the numbers when you are done at the track.
Don't drive home with your numbers on your window as it is a FLAG
waiving to the local Police. Also take an old bath towel with you and lay
it on top of the intake manifold while the car is sitting in the staging
lanes and put your ice on top of the towel. You are trying to keep the
intake as cold as possible. Remove the ice and towel and put them back
into the cooler before you make a pass down the 1/4 mile.

8.---Get to the track early. (try to get there at least 15 minutes before it
officially opens)

9.---Take a tire pressure gauge with you to the track. Adjust the rear tire pressure to 22 to 23 psi. The front tires move up to 42 psi. DO THIS AT THE TRACK ONLY AND THEN RESET BACK TO 32 PSI ON ALL 4 WHEN YOU LEAVE THE TRACK !!!!

10.--Try to let your car's engine cool of about 30 minutes between passes.You are trying to make passes when the water temp is around 150.

11.--Find out if the track broadcast in simulcast over your Charger's radio.
If they do set your radio to that station to listen to announcements and
lane assignments. ASK THIS WHEN YOU PAY TO GET IN....

12.--When you go into the staging lanes to finally make your first pass be
sure to TURN OFF the ESC and your A/C

13.--Have only 1/2 tank of gas (don't go any less as it will slosh to the back
of the tank--any more is just extra weight)

14.--Take all the stuff out of the glove box--center console--door
pockets--again less weight)

15.--Stay out of the water box !!!! (all that does is get water into your
tread) drive around it if you can

16.--Do one GOOD BURN OUT (just to clean off any debris on your rear tires)

17.--Now slowly pull up to the TREE and turn on the top yellow light (STOP)

18.--You now have 6 inches before the next yellow light comes on (try to go in slow and easy---once that light comes on and your opponent has both lights on the tree will come down.

19.--Start to power brake the engine to 1,500 rpm (but not much more)

20.--There will be THREE AMBER LIGHTS that will flash every .500 second
(try to leave after the 2nd one goes out but before the 3rd one comes
on)--some tracks have .500 as perfect others are .000 ASK an Official

21.--You are trying to cut a GOOD light (some tracks have a .500 as perfect others have a .000---you want to be as close to .500 as possible)

22.--Try NOT to RED LIGHT as you loose then.

23.--FLOOR IT until you get to the last set of cones---once you pass that--then left off the gas and slowly apply the brakes--stay in your lane

24.--When coming back down the return road--turn on your DEFROSTER to
HIGH HEAT & HIGH SPEED FAN--also pop the hood and drive no more
than 20 mph (you are helping cool off your engine)

25.--Get your time slip and LOOK at your Reaction Time--your 60 foot time
and then see what you ran and if you WON !!!!)

26.--REPEAT---better known as practice !!!!!!

Have fun and be safe

Chuck Green

PS---If I can be of nay help just ask in here and I will post up
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