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I recently did this because the Felpro seals I installed on the bench popped off shortly after startup. They admitted to the defect and sent me another set and I fell for it and got bent over (the fenders) again.

weaselsmopar put me onto the Snap-on VST1435 spring compressor by loaning it to me and recommended the Comp Cams 351-16 (16 is the 16 peice kit) seals and I concur. The compressor is deluxe on the bench or the car and the Comp Cams seals push on firmer than Felpros and with authority onto the final seating lands.

Installing the valve stem seals onto the head is commonly done by pushing them on by hand with a socket or tube until they stop and then gently tapping them down about another 1/8-inch or until the positive stop is felt.

This is OK for the intake valves but the exhaust valves are angled toward the fenders and its not a smooth operation as the intake valves are. You cannot get a good angle and end up pushing as best you can and for the most part they do fine. There is no room for tapping them on with anything.

After having to do this twice I wanted something more assuring. Being a machinist I made an adapter that uses the spring compressor to push them the last part that could not be done by hand.
Mine is custom made for Comp Cams 351-16 seals but one can use the idea of my method and come up with something.

You have to realize pushing the seal down with a threaded rod can easily crush the seal if you don't stop when you feel the feedback in the wrench when it fully seats.

This made for a much better peace of mind for the exhaust valve procedure.

The spring compressor in action on an intake valve


The adapter shown with seal cupped end & seals


The seal in the cup

The setup shown as it would be during install

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