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Can anyone explain the benefits and how the throttle body effects the air intake? Im the first to say i am suspicious of the cold-air intake and throttle body "hype". The throttle body in my mind is a butterfly value that opens up as the throttle is released, it opens up on how much load the car is taking and thus opening to flat at full throttle. So the aftermarket throttle body would then only justified it allowing more air in at full throttle? There is speculation that the throttle would let more air in at all times, but would the car not tell the throttle system how much air to bring in. ( say it would open 1/8th of an inch on a 80mm and 1/16 of a inch on a 85-Bigger after-market throttle body). To clarify, at full throttle the butterfly value would be flat and since the after market would slightly bigger more air would come in. Correct? So I am wondering how to justify buying a throttle body for a daily driven car. ( Yes, I do drive full throttle and sometimes often) but how does it help daily driving in terms of speed. How has the throttle body benefited you guys? Do you recommend them? Do you see low end preformance or just wot or where at all? Did tuning them help? Did it require a tune?
-All opinionated and in no means bashing them just curious.

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The stock TB provides far more flow than the engine pulls and is not a restriction on the intake system. You simply can't let more air in than the engine pulls.

Ignore the aftermarket hype. Larger TBs do not do anything but make your wallet lighter unless you have a very substantial build (like 800 HP+).

CAIs have value IF they reduce turbulence and provide intake air that is as close to ambient as possible. The stock system has some inherent turbulence and draws warmer air than ambient due to design compromises that require protection from the outside environment under ALL conditions that not ALL owners need. True CAIs can make an improvement over stock, but many CAIs are poorly designed and perform worse that stock. You need to understand which are which in order to make a good choice (LMI is one of the best).
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