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I am going to install my MOPAR CAI tomorrow but figured i'd get familiar with the parts tonight. I figured i'd pre-install some of the parts now as there's no benefit in doing it on the job. For example, the rubber gromet i've already installed, etc.

A couple of questions though for those who installed the CAI.

1) The rubber hose/strip that goes on top of the heat shield opening is off the side by about a an inch or so. It seems like there is too much "rubber edge trim" so it sits off to the side a little. Is this normal or should it be cut?

2) the second question is similiar -- the instructions don't say to install the weatherstrip to the inside of the heatshield hole -- I've installed it as it seems like there is no other place for it, but the weatherstripping ALSO is about an inch or two too long -- is that normal and should THAT be cut to fit perfect in the hole?

3) The last question (at least for now :D ) is about cleaner and filter oil. Someone in another post reccomended to get some cleaner and filter oil to "maintain the filter." What exactly does that mean and should I apply anything to the filter prior to install?

Thanks in advance for any info/tips/suggestions.
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